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Block or unblock 18+ content on mobiles

We respect our customer's freedom to choose what material they access, but equally we want to protect our younger customers. Before you are able to view 18+ commercial content, you will have to prove that you are old enough.

The first time you use a credit card to prove to us that you are 18 or older we will charge £1 to your credit card and credit £1 to your mobile account. Please note that each time you age verify, your credit card will be charged £1. You will only receive £1 credit when you use this service for the first time.

To block or unblock access to 18+ content

Before you can block or unblock access to 18+ content, you need to enter your O2 mobile number and click continue. We will then instantly text you a verification code which you will need to enter on the next page to continue with the service settings.


Have you already received a text with your verification code?

If you have already received your verification code click here to continue.